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Welcome to Whole Bean Coffee – a website and a blog that is dedicated to almost anything about coffee!

There is perhaps no other drink that is as ubiquitous as coffee. Whether in a high-end restaurant or in a stall along the streets, coffee is always available. Whether at home or in your office, a caffeine fix is your go-to drink if you need to be alert.

Like many of you, I love drinking coffee. This is the reason why I started this blog. My intention is to share my knowledge with a global audience. This is a platform where I can write about one thing that I love while also informing other people. Since I am sharing what I know, I am helping you in one way or another.

The blog covers a wide array of topics that focus mainly on organic coffee, low acid coffee, Kona coffee, and K-cups. These are the areas that I would like to emphasize for now. In the future, I would like to expand to other facets that you, my readers, find interesting.

The internet has a plethora of articles that will give you insights about anything related to coffee, including product reviews and buying guides. With this, I take pride in my work. I am proud to say that each article is written based on thorough research and my personal experiences. I have an extensive knowledge of coffee, and this is exactly what you will realize as you read each article on my blog.

Is there anything that you would like to ask?

Is there any topic that you would like me to talk about? If you have feedback, questions, and suggestions, leave a comment in one of my blog entries and I will try my best to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I hope that you have a good time visiting my blog!

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