10 Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew Coffee: Reviews & Top Picks 2019

Dark roast coffee can be a great option to use when you are just beginning to experiment with the cold coffee brewing as the beans will much cheaper than light or medium roast ones.

Plus, the lighter the roast is the more time you are going to need for full extraction of the coffee taste.

Moreover, light roasts are usually loved for their fruity and floral notes of taste. However, in cold brewing, these notes will disappear anyway hence you will be paying extra for something that you will not taste anyway.

What is the best grind for cold brewing?

Many individuals nearly break their mind trying to figure out why coffee ground will be best for brewing cold brew coffee. Breathe with ease, we have got the answer!

The best coffee grind for cold brew coffee would be the course grind as it will begin to drip faster than other coffee grinds.

Plus, if you use a denser coffee ground then you would risk being left behind without coffee as the water might not drip fast enough.

Also, the denser coffee grinds tend to give a bitter tasting coffee than the lighter counterparts. This mainly happens because the denser coffee grounds get over-extracted.

10 Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew Coffee Reviews in 2019

#1. Tiny Footprint Organic Coffee Beans for Cold Brewing

Tiny Footprint was reviewed by thousands of delicious cold brew coffee lovers as an exceptional dark roast Arabica coffee. These coffee beans have a distinctive rich taste that you will remember and recognize instantly in future.

The beans are carefully roasted in the US at a state-of-the-art factory plant; consequently, the beans have been certified and meet the strict guidelines of SCAA speciality grade of the coffee standard.

Plus, the beans are sources 100% organically from Columbian mountain lands through the local fair-trade programs. Overall, the coffee beans are described as being not very bitter with mild acid content making them the perfect choice for a cold brew.

What We Like:

Organic coffee from Ecuador
The low acid content of the coffee beans
Roasted in the US
SCAA certified

What We Didn’t Like:

Probably will not be very strong for extreme caffeine boost lovers
Some users have reported finding rocks in the packaging and then damaging their grinders as a result
Decaf option is not available

#2. Café Du Monde Coffee Chicory Pack of 3

Café Du Monde is a great option for individuals that love a medium roasted cold brew coffee that has a light and sweet aftertaste. The blend is a mix of coffee beans harvested from Central American highlands and the sweet coffee beans found in Indonesian farmlands.

Coffee lovers have described this coffee blend as very smooth and delicious with a velvety aftertaste. It goes great with semi-sweet desserts and even chocolate ice-cream.

It can be used to create much fancier drinks by adding frothed heavy cream or freshly made whipped cream making a great cold brew drink in the summer.

What We Like:

The rich brown colour of ready cold brew coffee
Great aftertaste
Can be used to make fancier drinks with the help of heavy or whipped cream

What We Didn’t Like:

Taste can be very mild for strong coffee lovers
Mass produced hence some packs might contain bits of small rocks
The coffee bags are not properly sealed

#3. Cold Buzz Coffee Hazelnut Flavour

Cold Buzz Coffee Hazelnut Flavor will definitely be loved by mild taste coffee lovers around the world. It is sourced from highlands and farms in Central Africa, South America and Indonesia. Plus, these beans are certified as organic, fair-trade and even kosher.

They have a distinct chocolaty and hazelnut flavour to them and do not feel too dark or bitter. Hence, they can be used to make coffee at any time of the day- including late evenings.

Moreover, they are dark roasted and very well ground hence you can expect to make cold brew coffee in about 4 hours as the water will steadily sip through the fine grind.

What We Like:

Strong caffeine boost without a burnt aftertaste
Organic and fair-trade certified
Kosher certified
Very well grinded
Beans sourced from Central Africa, Central America and Indonesia

What We Didn’t Like:

Tastes much stronger than typical medium roasted coffee of other producers
Users have reported very faint aroma when the pack is opened
The packaging does not have the date that the beans were roasted on

#4. Farmers Market by Jo Coffee USDA Certified Coffee Beans for Cold Brew Making

Farmers Market Cold BrewCoffee is for aromatic and rich tasting coffee lovers, these beans are for home cold brew coffee makers. The beans are slowly roasted at an Italian factory plant to give you the most delicate and unique flavour possible.

The packaging has been thoroughly designed and tested to ensure that the beans stay fresh for longer periods of time. Plus, the beans have a dark, velvety and heavy flavour as well as an oily bean texture making this type of coffee just perfect for authentic coffee drinks.

Moreover, the beans have a low acidic content and do not leave a burnt aftertaste that is disliked by most coffee lovers.

What We Like:

Great choice for cold brewing
Rich and velvety aftertaste
Right packaging to ensure longer freshness
USDA certified

What We Didn’t Like:

Flavoured coffee beans which means they have artificial flavouring added
Customer Service could be much better
Customers have reported some batches containing very dry and lifeless beans
Some bags have arrived under roasted and almost still cherry coloured

#5. Ready To Go Coffee Robust Cold Brew Coffee

Ready-made cold brew coffee with rich and robust taste without bitterness or acidity. Plus, you can get up to 40 cups from one can of Ready To Go Coffee. The resulting cup of coffee is very thick with a light chocolate aftertaste, however, with a rather high level of acidity.

Plus, the beans used to make this coffee are roasted in Italy under the close watch of quality control specialists that ensure each bean is similar to the other in size, taste, and roasting.

Furthermore, Ready To Go Coffee is certified to be organic and 100% GMO-free moreover you can store in on your office desk or bag as it doesn’t need any refrigeration.

What We Like:

100% GMO-free ready made coffee
Does not need refrigeration
Without added flavourings
Robust and rich taste

What We Didn’t Like:

This coffee will not be appreciated by strong coffee lovers
Some customers reported getting damaged bottle in the mail
Some drinkers said the coffee tasted rather blunt compared to other types

#6. Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee with Smooth and Sweet Taste

Organic Cold Brew Coffee that is available in a medium or dark roast for consistent and optimal smooth aftertaste. The coffee has been coarsely grounded hence you can control the strengthens of the coffee by either adding more coffee or reducing the normal serving.

Plus, it is 100% organic as well as USDA certified for its fair and ethical origin. The coffee beans used by this manufacturer come from Peru and Nicaragua through fair-trade programs to ensure the farmers are well paid for their produce.

Moreover, the beans are lightly flavoured in chocolate powder and some individuals even mentioned feeling light nutmeg flavour that might or might not be liked by you and your family.

What We Like:

Very strong taste and caffeine boost
Sourced from Peru and Nicaragua
100% organic and USDA certified
Beans lightly covered in chocolate powder
Available in medium or dark roast

What We Didn’t Like:

Not for mild coffee lovers
Not suitable for every coffee machine
If you use more coffee than recommended on the pack you could get a drink with a burnt aftertaste

#7. Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Columbian Beans

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew beans are harvested from Columbia and have a rich and robust taste that will instantly wake you up in the morning. The coffee beans are roasted to have a slightly ashy taste to them, so this coffee is definitely not for everybody.

The beans are, however, dark roasted and come in a fully-resealable bag that will preserve the freshness and aroma of the coffee. Plus, customers can choose from 4 different weight variants ensuring you never run out of coffee or have more than you need so that it does not go dry and stale thereby losing its great properties.

Moreover, these coffee beans have been reported to have mild vanilla and almond aftertaste.

What We Like:

Sourced from a family farm that has been owned through generations
Super rich taste with almond and vanilla aftertaste
Government inspected and certified
100% Arabica beans sourced from Columbia
Dark roast coarse ground

What We Didn’t Like:

Some drinkers have reported burnt aftertaste
Some packages have arrived damaged
Coffee beans need to be ground first

#8. Cold Brew Lab Organic Coffee Whole Bean Dark Roast

Cold Brew Lab Organic Coffee Whole Bean Dark Roastis a great option for individuals that do not wish to experiment with all the different roasts and blends that the cold brew coffee market is now offering.

Instead, Cold Brew Lab will be perfect for someone wishing to drink best-flavouredcold brew coffee at home without paying any extra money one would in a coffee shop. Despite being mass-produced, Cold Brew Lab Coffee is a mix of good organic Arabica coffee beans sourced from Columbia.

The beans have a good level of roast without leaving a burnt aftertaste in the mouth plus the taste is enhanced with sweet fruity notes.Customers have reported this coffee having rather an authentic taste and many Italians flavours this type of coffee, especially the ones that like hassle-free coffee.

What We Like:

Very affordable price
Organic coffee
Columbian Sourced Arabica beans
Delicious taste with a sweet fruity aftertaste
Can be used to make fancier drinks by adding heavy cream or frothed milk

What We Didn’t Like:

Coffee beans are ground using a blade grinder instead of the burr grinder
Ready coffee will need to be filtered at least several times
Lots of coffee dust particles will be present in the ready coffee so buy extra filters

#9.The Chosen Bean Cold Brew Coarse Ground Premium Coffee Beans

The Chosen Bean Coffee is not for individuals who prefer light coffee to a super strong cup of coffee. Despite its super caffeine level, the coffee has a nice and smooth taste that will surely be liked by many cold brew coffee lovers.

The coffee beans are organic and harvested from mountain lands of Peru through local fair-trade programs. Plus, the beans have a very light chocolate and cherry flavouring that contributes to the overall taste of the coffee.

The dark roast coarse grind coffee is great for cold brewing as the water will pass through the fine coffee powder much quicker than it would with denser types. But, The Chosen Bean is not cheap and should not be drunk in the evenings by individuals who are sensitive to caffeine properties.

What We Like:

Premium high-quality cold brew coffee beans
Dark roast with a chocolaty aftertaste
Does not have a burnt aftertaste
Coarse ground

What We Didn’t Like:

Premium price
Can be very strong for some individuals
Not suitable to be drunk in the evenings
Customers have reported getting very bitter cold brew coffee

#10. Organic Ethiopian Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans by the Fresh Roasted Coffee Company

Mass produced coffee beans that have a medium roast and are fairly dry thereby being a good option for most home cold brew coffee makers.

Plus, they have a very reasonable price and can be afforded by any individuals looking to drink good coffee in the comfort of their home or office. Moreover, these cold brew coffee beans are organic and sourced through fair-trade programs in Ethiopia.

Also, the package does include an optimal mixture of Robust and Arabica beans that have a smooth and creamy flavour to them. Furthermore, the beans can be ground to very fine powder thereby reducing the cold brew coffee extraction time by almost half.

What We Like:

Creamy and smooth taste
A mixture of Robust and Arabica beans
Suitable for all cold brew coffee makers that have fine filters
Fair-trade sourced

What We Didn’t Like:

Not organic
Not very strong
Rocks can be found in the packaging

Why grinding your own beans cost more than buying ready-made ones?

A major drawback to grinding your own coffee beans is that you are going to have to do it very quickly as freshly roasted beans stay good for a maximum of 15 days. If you want to enjoy the full flavour the cold brew coffee beans have to offer then you are going to have to consume the lot in that short time span.

Plus, grinding your own cold brew coffee beans can be time-consuming and not to mention very messy.

Grinding just the right amount of coffee beans you need right before cold brewing them will ensure you have the best coffee aroma and taste. But, it will also mean you need to repeat the process almost daily if you are an avid drinker or weekly for more relaxed back cold brew coffee drinkers.


For beginners, it is not suggested to brew medium roastsespecially if the beans are single sourced. Instead, it is highly suggested to get the best dark roast cold brew coffee you can afford as well as few extra fine filters.

Aim to test and try as many different blends you can, and once you find the taste that not only satisfies your taste buds but highly energizes you- bingo, you will no longer have to stay in the queue of your local coffee shop to buy a cup of cold brew coffee.

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