Espresso Coffee Machines under $500 That Make Delicious Coffee

For decades, coffee makers have been sold all over the world. Their beautiful designs complement most kitchen themes while their coffee is loved by millions of coffee lovers of different age and preference.

We have put together a list of coffee makers that are durable, easy to use and quick to clean. They brew some of the tastiest coffee drinks, and you can make the drinks even better by adding rich milk foam or chocolate powder on top (Source).

7 Best Espresso Coffee Machines under $500 Reviews in 2019

#1. Breville Stainless Steel Coffee Machine with Air Infuser

This coffee machine will be perfect for individuals who like their coffee made quickly without jeopardizing its taste qualities.

It is very easy to clean and operate while its sleek silver design will complement any kitchen theme. Plus, this model has several great features that distinguish it from other espresso machines currently on the market.

For instance, the milk tank in this model can hold enough milk for you to brew enough cups for a big group of friends that you might have over.

Breville coffee machine comes with an infuser that steadily applies low pressure to the water right at the start of the extraction process so as to gently bring out the best of the coffee beans taste.

The water temperature is controlled through the thermacoil heating system ensuring that the water temperature is always just right and that your espresso never tastes burnt.

Moreover, you can control the temperature of the milk by pressing a button that is conveniently located at the top of the front panel.

What We Like:

Very quiet
Easy to clean inside and out
Beautiful design
Made from only durable materials
Automatically shuts down when idle

What We Didn’t Like:

Water temperature can only be controlled in 2 degrees C
Single or double shot espresso can be brewed only
Steam rings need to be frequently changed
Water has been reported to leak below the coffee machine

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#2. Breville Duo-Temp Pro Espresso Coffee Machine in Stainless Steel

Breville Duo-Temp Pro Espresso uses an Italian made pump to extract only the best properties from the coffee beans by first using low pressure and gradually increasing it to the needed amount.

However, this machine is capable of extracting only one or two shots at one time but does work with pre-ground beans or fresh ground ones.

The large water tank eliminates the need to frequently refill it while the built-in steam wand will heat and froth milk for the soft and velvety foam to go on top of the coffee.

Moreover, it makes coffee in 20-30 seconds depending on whether you have selected milk foam to go on top or not. Furthermore, it’s self-cleaning.

Just press the button and it will clean itself using the remaining water and steam in the water compartment.

What We Like:

Stores up to 61 ounces of water
Makes a single or double shot of coffee

What We Didn’t Like:

The pivoting cup tray was reported toshake and cause spills
Available only in two colours
Does not automatically shut off
Makes only espresso
Filter often clogs

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#3. De LonghiDedica 15 Bar Pressure Espresso Maker

A great coffee machine that makes espresso in mere 25 seconds using pre-ground or fresh ground coffee. The large water tank allows this coffee machine to brew plenty of cups of coffee with enough steam being left behind for a self-cleaning cycle.

This is the only De Longhi machine model that has a very clear water line indication; hence you do not have to worry about whether there is enough water in the water tank. Plus, it is very compact and suitable for small kitchens- little counter space is no longer an excuse for not having a coffee maker.

The pretty stainless steel design will complement your kitchen interior while the delicious coffee will genuinely revitalize you in the morning before work. You can find it in several colours and two different finishes, plus it comes with 3 different cord sizes.

What We Like:

Makes espresso in record time
Compact size
Water level indication
World-renowned brand
Sleek stainless steel finish

What We Didn’t Like:

Water tubes have been reported to leak
Does not have a milk frother
Does not make cold drinks
Thermoblock is made from aluminium cast with stainless steel coil

#4. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker in Black

In this Gaggia model, the milk frother comes separately and can be easily cleaned by either using the self-cleaning button or washed under the running water in the sink. Similar to the silver variant, this model can brew delicious coffee from ground or whole bean coffee beans.

Plus, the holding tray is big enough to store two cups at the same time meaning you can brew twice as many cups of coffee when you have large groups of friends over.

When compared to all the other coffee makers on the market, this Nespresso machine is the fastest coffee maker at this point in time.

What We Like:

Fastest coffee maker currently on the market
Rapid steam heat up
1-year manufacturer warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

This model does not offer coffee customization that other models in this price range do
Small coffee bean compartment
Water leaks beneath the unit
Needs frequent descaling

#5. De Longhi America IncDedica Deluxe Espresso Coffee Maker

De LongiDedica Deluxe Coffee Maker is perfect for 3 different cup sizes. The enhanced milk infuser ensures you get a great coffee blend with water and helps create the creamiest foam on top of your selected coffee drink.

Plus, this De Longhi Espresso Coffee Maker is also available in the deluxe version that offers a larger water tank and bigger cup holding tray.

What We Like:

Available in the deluxe version
15 bar professional pressure
Makes espresso, latte and cappuccino drinks in less than 45 seconds
Premium Aeroccino frother is fully adjustable and easy to clean

What We Didn’t Like:

Like with other coffee machines it needs very frequent descaling
The portafilter corrodes with time
The coffee taste was reported to be inconsistent

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#6. Nespresso Latissima Pro Espresso Coffee Maker by De Longhi

Nespresso Latissimo Prois super compact in size and is sold at a very affordable price, plus it is available in over 9 different colours and 2 different finishes. The downside of this coffee maker is its very small water tank which is only large enough to make several average sized coffee drinks.

However, it is very easy to set up and can be stored away in the cabinet when not needed. Moreover, it has an A class power-saving rating hence it is very power-efficient.

It has two pre-programmed buttons for espresso and lungo,however, it only works with the Nespresso capsules. Buyers have reported it making a very creamy layer on top of the espresso from fresh milk that is instantly heated and frothed.

The patented Aeroccino Frothing technology works great at steaming and foaming the milk in less than 30 seconds. Also, it has an automatic descaling mechanism that helps maintain this coffee maker in pristine condition.

What We Like:

Self-cleaning and descaling mechanism
Aeroccino Milk Frothing technology makes perfect milk foam
Very compact and can be stored away when not needed
Available in wide range of colours
A rated in energy efficiency

What We Didn’t Like:

Works only with Nespresso capsules
Small water tank compared to other models
Leaks if not descaled properly
Milk unit needs flushing after each use

#7. Saeco X-Small Vapore Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine in Black

This model has become iconic over time thanks to its elegant design and compact size as well as very sophisticated black colour. Overall over 8 million Saeco coffee makers have been sold all over the world.

Saeco uses ceramic grinders in order to deliver premium testing espresso from freshly ground coffee beans.Plus, the milk frothing wand has added extending wands to froth even creamier foam to go on top of your drinks.

Moreover, customers can choose 5 different types of grind ensuring you always get just the right cup of coffee whenever you are in need of a caffeine boost (Source).

What We Like:

Elegant design
Easy to use
Automatic cleaning cycle
Ceramic coffee grinders
Available in different sizes

What We Didn’t Like:

Lots of steam that is released in the process of coffee brewing
Many counterfeit models on the market of this brand
Users have reported the units breaking every few months
Factors to Look At When Choosing a Coffee Maker for Home
Firstly, ask yourself how often do you brew coffee and how many servings do you normally serve to other family members. Moreover, if you often host large groups of friends then you might want to look at coffee machines that brew at least 12 cups of coffee.

Furthermore, consider coffee makers with good filtration system or the ones where you can connect your own filters as coffee made with water without the usual impurities is much more delicious.

Normally, coffee makers have carbon block filters that are integrated into the system and they contribute to the general taste of the coffee (Source).

However, you would need to remember that the quality of your coffee will also depend on the type of water you use. If you are confident in your water and have checked for impurities only to find out that it is in the normal range then carbon block filters will have zero benefits to you.


In conclusion, I would like to remind you to pay special attention to what coffee you prefer to drink more often as some espresso coffee machines make only one type of coffee while others do not produce the needed milk foam for drinks such as latte or cappuccino.

Of course, you could always froth milk manually or automatically in a separate milk frother but that would mean you would need to spend a little more time on the preparation process.

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