10 Best Nespresso Capsules in 2019: Top Picks & Ultimate Buying Guide

In total, Nespresso has released 16 different types of capsules to be used with their coffee machines hence it is understandable why some individuals might get confused as to what coffee they might prefer and like more.

The most common capsules are the espresso one as they can vary in strength and contain different blends of coffee origin. Overall, there are 6 espresso capsules in the Nespresso range.

Moreover, Nespresso manufactures lungo capsules that are designed to use twice the amount of water required for an espresso.

Lungos are also known as tall coffees, though not quite similar to local coffee chains call as Americano.

Plus, there are 3 types of decaf capsules that vary in intensity and bitterness as well as crema and aroma.

As you can see, no matter what your coffee preferences are you will be able to find just the right coffee capsule to enjoy in the mornings

What Nespresso coffee capsules work?

Once the capsule is inserted into the capsule tray, a small pin pierces it after which water is forced at high pressure against an interior heating element.

The smart technology used in Nespresso Coffee Machines ensures that only the required amount of water is heated at one time.

Nespresso harvests coffee from different regions, however, all coffee beans are transported and the roasted in one of three main facilities in Switzerland.

The facilities are located in Swiss cities of Avenches, Romont and Orbe. Once the coffee is roasted and blended, the capsules are filled and transported all over the world through Nestle own logistics company.

How are Nespresso Capsules sold?

Nespresso capsules are exclusively sold through the official website or in 67 boutique stores around the world.

The capsules are significantly more expensive than their loose counterparts; however, because of their design and airtight sealing, the capsules retain their aroma, freshness and tasting qualities much longer than a pack of opened coffee beans.

Each Nespresso capsule contains about 7 grams of different coffee blend depending on the capsule type. Each capsule is only good for one coffee serving.

Moreover, depending on the type of coffee machine you have and the length of the water pour, the capsules can produce a 40 ml espresso or a 110 ml lungo.

Plus, the capsule shell is made out of aluminium while the interior of the capsule is lined with food-grade lacquer.

10 Best Nespresso Capsules Reviews in 2019

#1. Nespresso OriginalLine Rosabaya Capsules 10 Pieces

Not all individuals need a serious shot of super intense espresso in the morning; some just wish to have a cup of coffee that is rich in taste and aroma.

Nespresso Rosabaya capsules are great because they are made out of an awesome blend of Columbian coffee that has a berry sweet aftertaste.

If you add a little milk to your coffee drinks then you can enjoy a cup of coffee with rich crema on top.

Rosabaya capsules are single origin brew and this means that coffee farms are closely monitored to ensure the best quality and, of course, the taste of the coffee.

The coffee beans used in this blend are handpicked and split roasted for optimal strength and low acidic level.

What We Like:

Handpicked Arabica coffee beans
Split roasted
Low acidity
No bitterness
Smooth taste

What We Didn’t Like:

Capsules are not compatible with VertuoLine
Some customers have reported the capsules arriving damaged

#2. Revive Jonas Brothers Espresso Capsules 50 Count

Revive Jonas Brothers Espresso Capsules are not very cheap but they are worth every dime as they offer the smoothest coffee among Nespresso-compatible capsules on the market.

The taste of Jonas Brother’s coffee is not as strong as it is with Ristrettos, but, it is as good as a solid lungo.

Plus, customers have reported it pouring with creamy foam on top and having a very balanced taste without much acidity.

Coffee lovers characterize these capsules as a medium to dark roast of Arabica beans with an intense and solid taste.

What We Like:

Rich and creamy taste
Compatible with all Nespresso machines
Balanced taste without acidity
Medium to dark roast

What We Didn’t Like:

Customers have reported weak espresso taste
Expensive compared to other alternatives
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#3. Bestpresso Coffee Capsules for OriginalLine Machines 120 Count

Bestpresso Economy Capsule Pack offers a big variety of capsules in one box for a great price.

There are 5 different flavours that you can try by buying just one pack, including espresso and lungo.

Moreover, the box offers different capsules varying in intensity, acidity and smoothness. Plus, there is even a decaf option.

Furthermore, the economy pack is sold for a reasonable and very attracting price on the market. Also, the manufacturer has paid special attention to the individual packaging that keeps the coffee fresh, dry and preserves its aroma. (Source)

Sadly, these capsules are only compatible with Original Line but not with Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee Makers.

What We Like:

Great price
Air-tight packaging
Variety of capsules in one box
Smooth taste
Kosher certified

What We Didn’t Like:

Customers did not like the way the coffee blend tasted
Can cause lower end models such as Pixie to malfunction due to the difference in pressure

#4. Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules Ciocattino 50 Count

Flavoured coffee is loved only by a small fraction of coffee drinkers especially because it is so hard to find the right flavour to match your taste preferences.

Nowadays, the market for flavoured coffee has a wide array of options including cinnamon, caramel, chocolate and vanilla flavoured coffee capsules.

Nespresso OriginalLine Ciocattino Chocolate flavoured coffee capsules beat any other alternatives on the market with its smooth taste and balanced chocolate flavour.

Moreover, these capsules make a great cup of mocha coffee especially if you are going to add freshly whipped cream.

What We Like:

With these capsules, you no longer have to add any additional syrups or powder on top
Rich taste without acidity or bitterness
Fast and accurate shipping

What We Didn’t Like:

Not compatible with Pixie or VertuoLine
Not strong enough for many individuals
The packaging does not mention the roast date
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#5. Italian Coffee Delicantly 100 Count Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Italian Coffee capsules are compatible with a number of Nespresso Machines including Inissia, Citiz, Pixie, and Prodigio.

The capsules contain an optimal blend of Robusta and Arabica beans harvested from Latin America and roasted in Italy.

The capsules are sealed using airtight aluminium foil and this helps them preserve their freshness, taste, and aroma.

Moreover, customers have reported the capsules having a very smooth taste even with the stronger capsules such as Ristretto.

What We Like:

A tasty blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
Airtight capsules preserve aroma and flavour
Coffee beans harvested from Latin America farmlands through fair-trade programs
Light cinnamon flavour

What We Didn’t Like:

Not strong enough
Limited flavours
Poor customer support

#6. Gourmesso Organic Decaf Peru Dolci

Gourmesso Organic Decaf Coffee Capsules are made with 100% Arabica coffee beans harvested from Peru and manufactured through fair-trade certified programs. Also, they do not contain any preservatives, gluten or sugar.

Moreover, customers have reported these capsules having a rich taste with supreme aroma and crema.

Plus, the capsules are made from sustainable, BPA-free plastic and airtight aluminium foil.

Gourmesso decaf capsules are compatible with most Nespresso coffee machines including Citiz, Lattisima, Inissia and OriginalLine.

Furthermore, you can choose from over 20 varieties with 6 different intensities and aromas.

What We Like:

Organic and decaf coffee
Harvested through fair-trade programs
100% Peruvian Arabica beans
Available in 20 varieties and 6 intensities
Compatible with most Nespresso coffee machines

What We Didn’t Like:

Is not compatible with VertuoLine coffee machines
Very weak coffee for strong espresso lovers
No return shipping

#7. Nespresso Kazaar 10 Count Rich Ristretto Coffee

Nespresso Kazaar capsules offer coffee lovers an aromatic and rich ristretto with supreme crema on top.

Customers have reported tasting strong coffee with bitter notes yet overall the coffee was balanced by thick and creamy texture.

Some have described it as a lifesaving cup of coffee for very diligent office workers or for the regular party animals that spend their night drinking and dancing away.

Yes, these capsules are not very cheap but they contain some of the best Robusta coffee available in the world.

However, individuals who prefer much lighter tastes should definitely walk away because after tasting these capsules you are bound to feel as if your heart is about to break free from your chest.

These capsules can be used to make Ristrettos, espressos and even Americanos with most Nespresso Coffee Machines.

What We Like:

Very strong
Made with best Robusta beans
Split roasted
Can be used to make Ristrettos and Espressos

What We Didn’t Like:

Some packages have arriving slightly damaged
Individuals with high blood pressure should not drink this coffee
Very strong for most coffee drinkers

#8. Nespresso VertuoLine Stormio 10 Count Capsules

These capsules work with VertuoLine coffee machines and can be used to brew up to 7.8 ounces of coffee per cup.

The capsules contain dark roasted coffee with the intensity of about 8 as described by the manufacturer.

Moreover, the beans used with these capsules 100% Arabica and are harvested from the mountains of Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Plus, the capsules are made from a recyclable material and you can even ask the manufacturer to send you a fabric bag to store used capsules before you give them back to be reused.

However, these capsules are not for the casual coffee drinkers because the taste is very strong with a high level of acidity.

Some customers have described this coffee as being so bitter that they could not finish their cup of coffee.

What We Like:

Pure Arabica coffee from Guatemala and Nicaragua
Maximum intensity
Can be used to make Espresso and Ristretto
Fast shipping

What We Didn’t Like:

Some customers have reported receiving damaged boxes
Not for casual coffee drinkers
Very bitter with high acidity

#9. Nespresso VertuoLine Melozio 10 Count

Nespresso VertuoLine Melozio has very strong and bold taste with some serious intensity and a very affordable price.

Melozio will a great choice for individuals that add milk, cream or syrup to their drinks as it will retain its strong taste regardless of what is added on top.

Moreover, these capsules can be used to make espressos, lungo and even an Americano.

Plus, customers have reported that these capsules make great tasting coffee with rich crema and foam on top.

However, these capsules are only compatible with VertuoLine coffee machines and not with OriginalLine.

But, you get the best Robusta coffee from the highlands of Argentina with these capsules as well as the highest intensity in the Nespresso VertuoLine Capsule range.

What We Like:

High-intensity coffee with rich aroma and supreme crema
Compatible with VertuoLine coffee machines
100% pure Robusta beans from Argentine
Can be used to make espressos, lungos and Americanos

What We Didn’t Like:

Not available in decaf
Not suitable for individuals with stomach ulcers and high blood pressure
Lots of reports of packages arriving damaged with pods being smashed
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#10. Lavazza Nespresso Compatible Dark Roast Capsules

Dark roast Arabica coffee beans with velvety rich aroma and crema that will help you wake up in the morning.

The beans are roasted and blended in Italy under a close watch of quality control specialists to ensure premium coffee capsules.

The packaging contains 6 blisters of 10 single serve capsules with airtight aluminium foil cover, however, these capsules can only be used with the VertuoLine coffee machines.

The coffee has slight hazelnut, almond and cinnamon aftertaste with very smooth texture without the usual espresso bitterness and acidity.

Moreover, the Armonica blend is unique since it combines only the finest coffee beans from Argentina and South America.

What We Like:

Roasted and blended in Italy
Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine Coffee Machines only
Smooth without bitterness or acidity
A unique blend of best coffee beans from Argentina and South America

What We Didn’t Like:

Some pods are not pierced by the Nespresso Machine pin hence all water simply overflows
Very light espresso that is not suitable for strong coffee lovers
Mediocre customer service

How is coffee extracted from the capsules?

As mentioned above, Nespresso hermetically seals all capsules in an aluminium shell. Depending on the Nespresso machine, the capsules are either pierced on the flat top of the pointy bottom of the shell when the compartment leveller is pulled down.

Also, depending on the model of the Nespresso coffee machine, the capsule might be pierced in one place or have 3 symmetrical holes.

Moreover, as described above, when the machine starts brewing coffee it pumps water into the capsule at high pressure against a heating device.

The brewed coffee exists through the raptured holes on top and pours down via the tubing into a cup.

For safety purposes, the coffee machines have a pressure release valve inside the capsule chamber that will, in case of high pressure, release the extra water and air through the exhaust path.

Furthermore, Nespresso has released a VertuoLine system to cater to the needs of North Americans who favour bigger cups of coffee.

VertuoLine systems are capable of brewing much larger cups of coffee, for instance, 230 ml of lungo coffee.

Sadly, the OriginalLine capsules are not compatible with VertuoLine capsules and vice-versa.

The main reason for this is because VertuoLine uses completely different technology from the OriginalLine coffee machines.

With VertuoLine, the capsules are spun at least 7000 rpm in order to blend the coffee with water very well.

Secondly, the VertuoLine capsules have tiny barcodes on the rims that the reading laser reads to determine what type of coffee to brew.

Apart from the coffee type, the barcodes on the rims of the capsules dictate the temperature of the drink, the amount of water and the intensity of the coffee.


We hope this guide has helped you decide what Nespresso coffee capsules you wish to try next. Remember, that taste preferences vary greatly so do not be too harsh to criticize the drink right away.

Instead, wait for the sudden bitterness to subside and enjoy the delicious afternotes such as almond, cinnamon and hazelnut.

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