Best Kona Coffee K Cups : Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Kona coffee is a unique-tasting coffee. It comes from beans of coffee plants grown under the fertile, unique conditions of the volcanic slopes in Kona, Hawaii. This tropical coffee can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your own homes with the different Kona coffee products.

Best 100% Pure Kona Coffee K-Cups

#1. Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee

This product is available in a 10-pack bundle. This is a single serve cup designed Keurig K-Cup Brewers. The Kona coffee is hand picked then sun-dried. The beans are farm roasted into a chestnut brown color for a medium roast or full city roast. This produces a mild, delicate coffee taste.

The cups are compatible with Keurig brewers. However, it may have some problems working well with Keurig 2.0.

The filter can be fully recycled. The plastic seal are left on when using the cups.

What We Like:

Smooth rich taste
Very little bitter taste
Excellent Kona coffee taste

What We Didn’t Like:

Cannot be used with Keurig 2.0 but works just fine with older Keurig models such as model#K40
Small amount of coffee ground residue gets into the coffee

#2. Farm-fresh: 100% Kona Coffee

The 10-pack K cups are single serve and contains 100% ground Kona coffee. The fragrance has complex notes with a sweetness that lingers. It has a chocolate-y aroma with hints of vanilla and almond.

The single serve capsules contain 100% Kona ground coffee beans. This product is not a coffee BLEND.

The beans are hand-picked in the Blue Horse Kona Coffee Farm and washed with rainwater. These are sun-dried then roasted to full city roast. The product is made strictly following the quality standards set by the Hawaiian government.

This K cup is compatible to use with the selective Keurig 2.0. The disclaimer is that the Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee (or Peaberry Kona Coffee) product is not affiliated with Keurig company.

What We Like:

Compatible with Keurig 2.0
Taste is strong and smooth
Easy way to brew rich exotic coffee every morning

What We Didn’t Like:


#3. Pooki’s Mahi 100% Kona Coffee

These brand of Kona coffee are medium roasted. It is a regular variety, meaning it contains natural caffeine. The coffee beans come from various partner farms in Kona, Hawaii. The beans are all roasted in Oahu, where the parent company headquarters is located.

Each single serve cup contains 10.5 to 11 grams of 100% Kona coffee. The taste is robust with a chocolate aroma. It has hints of wine with a slight spicy finish.

This is recommended for black coffee enthusiasts. The flavor is already nice on its own. The light flavor comes with a smooth finish.

The product is made with pea berry type of coffee bean, not the common two-section flat sided coffee beans. The single serve cups are made with a blend of Kona No. 1 and Kona fancy coffee bean varieties.

The plastic cups are clear #5 plastic, meaning it is safe for food use. The sides of each cup are made of mesh, with 100% polypropylene. This means it is recyclable. The mesh provides multiple points for the ground coffee beans to get in contact with water during the brewing process.

What We Like:

Can be used with Keurig 2.0
Smooth medium taste
Can drink as black

What We Didn’t Like:

Not very strong, light to medium light only
Not for “morning coffee” for those who want a really strong coffee kick in the morning
Best Kona Blend K-Cups
These blends typically contain around 10% Kona coffee. The rest is usually a type of Arabica beans. The resulting flavor is often a unique blend with varying tones, aromas and caffeine kick.

#4. Caza Trail Coffee

The single serve cups contain a blend of coffee selected from Kona Moku on Hawaii’s Big Island and from Latin America. The cups are great for quick great-tasting cup of coffee on-the-go.

The blend has a delicate body and vibrant acidity. The soft, sweet and subtle aroma is reminiscent of the tropical floral scent of the island. The coffee has a strong kick.

The coffee has a slight nutty flavor and a decadent creamy taste. It has mild acidity and a delicate body.

The cups are 97% biodegradable. These have a “freedom clip” that enables the cups to be used on Keurig Brewers, especially the 2.0 model.

What We Like:

Compatible with both first generation Keurig K Cup Brewer and Keurig 2.0
Kosher certified

What We Didn’t Like:

The blended coffee is greater in concentration than the Kona coffee, which might be an issue with those seeking for greater Kona coffee taste
Grounds might get mixed into the cup of coffee
Kona Coffee Pods

#5. Senseo Coffee Pods

This Kona blend contains the high quality coffee beans. The cups are specially designed to reduce waste. It comes with its own filter.

Each cup gives a frothy and rich coffee drink. The coffee beans are roasted just enough to achieve a smooth, full-bodied taste stippled with fruited tones.

It has a chocolate accent and a bold aroma. It has no bitterness but still gives a caffeine kick.

What We Like:

No metal or plastic waste, environmentally friendly
Compatible with Phillips SENSEO machine and all models of Keurig, including the 2.0
Can be cold brewed without any machine, simply steeped in cold fresh water overnight

What We Didn’t Like:

Keurig compatibility only with the use of Solofill K3 Plus Coffee Pod filters
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#6. Aloha Island Coffee Kona Coffee Pods

This single serve coffee pods are individually sealed to preserve the freshness.

The coffee is naturally low in acid. It has a rich and delicate aroma that enhances the coffee experience. The smooth texture is achieved with the blend of pure Hawaiian coffee and private select estate Sumatra coffee. This custom blend has a rich medium-roast flavor and no bitter aftertaste.

Each coffee pod contains 8 grams of ground coffee.

What We Like:

Compatible with various coffee pod brewers such as Cuisinart, Senseo and Bunn

What We Didn’t Like:

Can be used with Keurig Brewers only if with Aloha Island My Pod-Cup Adapter
Coffee ground too fine for traditional brewing, e.g., steeping pop in water, sediments get into the coffee

What is Kona Coffee?

This is great coffee from the premium quality beans of coffee plants thriving in the Hawaiian island of Kona. This is a small volcanic island that offers a unique environment for growing coffee. The island has a small coffee belt of just around 2 miles by 15 miles. The coffee trees grow under a nice warm morning sun then enjoy the afternoon cloud cover. The ground is along the volcanic slopes with very fertile soil.

Kona coffee bean

The area is relatively small and does not support the traffic of farm machineries. Hence, the beans are hand-picked. This traditional method keeps the beans from bruising and losing its magnificent flavor.

The beans are also typically sun-dried. It takes advantage of the long hours of sunlight. This method also helps the coffee beans to develop its characteristic flavor.

The Kona coffee comes in 5 varieties. These are Kona No.1, Kona fancy, Kona extra fancy, Kona prime and Kona select.

This high quality, delicious coffee variety can be enjoyed daily with the different Kona coffee K Cups products.

Tips to Using with Keurig 2.0 Models

A lot of customers complain about Kona cups not working with Keurig, specially the 2.0. It’s not the cup, it’s the machine. The Keurig 2.0 is designed not reject any unlicensed K cups. However, there are still a few K cups out there that can still be accepted by 2.0. Just check the reviews and the labels for more guidance if the K cup can be used with 2.0 or not.

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