Upset Stomach No More: A Review of Low Acid Coffee Brands

As good as coffee is, not everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee. Some people may experience acid reflux, heart burn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and interstitial cystitis (IC) and all sorts of discomfort after a cup of coffee. Fortunately, man has found a way to address this problem through low acid coffee. This article discusses the types and benefits of low acid coffee, as well as the top choices in low acid coffee brands currently on the market.

Low Acid Coffee Brands

Some sensitive coffee lovers will also find that acid reflux and heartburn.

Coffee runs through the veins of work-driven people. The bold and rich taste of coffee brightens up any day. However, there are those individuals who have to pass up on coffee due to certain illness such as heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease, interstitial cystitis and other stomach problems. Some studies even show that coffee can potentially lead to tooth decay.

The main culprit for these problems is the acid in coffee. By nature, coffee is acidic. According to scientific studies, a regular coffee brew has about thirty (30) to thirty-five (35) types of acids. Most of these acids are also found in fruits like apples and oranges. Some can also be found in vinegar. This would explain why some find it difficult to drink coffee. But due to recent developments, humans have found a way to lessen this acidity. Thus, low acid coffee was born.

There are two types of acid coffee, namely treated low acid coffee and inadvertent low acid coffee. In treated low acid coffee, the beans are subjected to proprietary preparation and roasting methods to result into low acid coffee. On the other hand, inadvertent low acid coffee means that the coffee is made from beans that are naturally low in acid. As an example, studies have shown that Brazilian coffee beans are less acidic than Sumatra coffee beans.

Benefit of Low Acid Coffee

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Low acid coffee has a lot of benefits. Aside from the very evident fact that it is easy on the stomach, it is also very easy on the teeth. The teeth’s enamel is prone to decay when exposed to harsh acids, such as those found in coffee. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. According to scientific studies, low acid coffee has higher levels of antioxidants. It can potentially lower the risk of dementia, heart disease and even cancer.

There are four ways to reduce acid levels in coffee. Opting for darker roasts is one option. Darker roasts contain less acid than lighter roasts. It is also found that Arabica beans contain lower acid than other beans such as Robusta and Sumatra beans.

Another way to reduce acid levels is to cold brew the coffee. Cold brewing is the process of brewing coffee using cold water. The traditional way of preparing coffee is using hot boiling water. Through the traditional method, it usually just takes a few minutes to make coffee.

However, through cold brew, it takes around 12 to 24 hours. Studies show that slow-steeped cold brew coffee has at least 70% less acid levels. Additionally, the coffee also tastes twice as strong. Adding milk to a cup of coffee is also a great way to lessen acid levels. This is due to the fact that Calcium offsets acidity.

Best Low Acid Coffee Brands in The Market

Buying low acid coffee is also a good idea. The following are some of the best low acid coffee brands sold in the market as of writing:

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee [1] and Puroast Coffee Organic French Roast is at a tie of 4.2 stars out of five. The Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is known for its deep and rich chocolatey taste. Meanwhile, Puroast Coffee [2] is known for its sharp bold taste. However, both brands are a bit on the expensive range.

Java Planet Organic Coffee [3] is worthy of 4.8 stars out of five. Each bag contains Colombia-sourced beans packed with smooth, full-flavored coffee sans the burnt and bitter taste.

Meanwhile, we give Mommee Coffee [4] 4 and a half stars out of five. We would have given the brand a higher rating if not for its hefty price tag. Also, the marketing is geared towards women. Men might not appreciate it that much. The label of the coffee is even a silhouette of the tummy of a pregnant woman.

Healthwise Coffee [5] is worthy of 4.1 stars out of five. The coffee beans were prepared using the technoroasting process. The vitamins and nutrients were preserved using said process. However, the taste was lost.

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee [6] gets four (4) out of five stars. It contains Matcha Green Tea, Rooibos Red Tea and Goji Berry powder. The additional ingredients may be attractive to some. However, there are those that do not like these add-on flavors. Hence, the lower score.

While both Euromild Ground Coffee [7] and Simpatico Coffee [8] get 4.6 stars out of five.

Don Pablo Coffee

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is manufactured by Don Pablo Coffee Growers and Roasters. This coffee blend boasts of a deep and rich chocolatey taste topped with a crisp and clear finish. Hints of caramel, cocoa and honey could be tasted here and there.

The coffee beans originate from the Marcala region of Honduras. The Marcala region is known for coffee production. In fact, the region boasts that it is the first place for ‘protected origin denomination’ coffee. Aside from that, the region is located in high altitude, hence the coffee tastes very dense.

Additionally, Don Pablo Coffee Growers and Roasters is very proud because their coffee has been certified organic by the CCOF Trade Association. It is also non-GMO. The farmers do not use any kind fertilizer or insect repellant. Farmers plant peppers to prevent bug problems. The beans are 100% Arabica.

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is also very versatile. It can be made in four different ways namely through the Traditional Drip Machine, French Press, Espresso Machine and Hand Drip Method. It can be bought as a whole bean in dark roast, medium dark roast and light roast. It can be bought as two (2) and five (5) pound bags or single serve cups.

What we like:

  • Made from 100% Arabica beans
  • Rich chocolatey taste with afternotes of caramel, coco and honey
  • Easily prepared through four different ways
  • Non-GMO, Fair Trade

What we did not like:

  • A bit expensive

Puroast Low Acid Coffee

The story of Puroast Low Acid Coffee started in the Venezuelan Andes. It was in 1986 when the founders of Puroast discovered hacienda de café coffee plantation. In the plantation, the founders were taught how to create low acid coffee beans. This technology was then brought to Northern California - where the company was established and is currently located today.

In a study conducted by world-renowned scientist Dr. Shibamoto of the University of California, it was found that Puroast coffee beans were 70% less acidic compared to other leading coffee brands. It was also found that coffee with lower acid levels had significantly higher levels of antioxidants. The antioxidant levels found in Puroast beans were five (5) times higher than that of other leading coffee brands and seven (7) times higher in green tea.

What we liked:

  • 70% less acidic than other leading coffee brands
  • Has seven (7) times higher antioxidant levels than green tea and five times higher than that of other coffee brands
  • Certified Kosher
  • Cheap compared to other low acid coffee
  • Organic

What we did not like:

  • Beans in very large bags can become stale

Java Planet - Colombian USDA Organic Coffee Beans

Java Planet Organic Coffee Company is situated in Tampa, Florida. The coffee made by Java Planet is not only certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture and Americert International, it is also Fair Trade certified.

The coffee beans of Java Planet originate from Colombia. Each bag contains beans packed with smooth, full-flavored coffee sans the burnt and bitter taste. Java Planet manufactures the beans in small batches so as to make sure that the beans are not overcooked.

Aside from organic coffee, Java Planet also sells Rain Forest Alliance coffee, Bird friendly coffee, Single Origin coffee, Decaffeinated coffee and other flavored coffee. The company also sells green coffee. They only have three roasts available namely medium roast, medium dark roast and dark roast.

The unique thing about this coffee is that they indicate on the label the date of roasting. Each pack is usually sent fresh just a week from roasting.

What we liked:

  • Available in various roasts namely medium roast, medium dark roast, and dark roast
  • Date of roasting is indicated in the label to ensure freshness
  • Pesticide-free
  • Organic

What we did not like:

  • Pre-ground product is not available. Individuals without a coffee grinder may find it difficult to use this coffee.

Mommee Coffee

As its name suggests, Mommee Coffee is the brand for breastfeeding mothers or soon-to-be mothers. It is guilt-free coffee for those expecting mothers. It is safe for mothers any stage of pregnancy whether it be conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mommee Coffee is low-acid, organic, fair trade and water processed. By water processing coffee, the beans are filtered and prepared just by using water. No harmful chemicals were used in preparing the beans.

Some people say that too much coffee can be harmful to pregnant women. Some even say that much coffee can even affect fertility. To be on the safe side, Mommee Coffee is still the best coffee for expecting mothers.

Mommee Coffee is sold in four different caffeine content levels namely decaffeinated, ¼ caffeinated, ½ caffeinated and full caffeinated.

What we liked:

  • Safe for expecting and breastfeeding mothers
  • Organic, fair trade and water-processed
  • Sold in four caffeine content levels namely decaffeinated, ¼ caffeinated, ½ caffeinated and full caffeinated.

What we did not like:

  • Expensive
  • The marketing, especially the label, is more appealing to women. Men might be thrown off by it.
  • The dark roasts can sometimes come off as burnt

HealthWise Low Acid Coffee

Another low acid coffee brand is the Healthwise Low Acid Coffee. HealthWise Coffee brands itself as a low acid gourmet coffee. It boasts of its Technoroasting process. Such process results into beans with lower acid levels. According to studies, Healthwise has a pH level of 6.1 while traditional coffee has 5.2 pH. Orange juice has a pH level of 3.3 pH and water has a pH level of 7.

Because of the low acid levels, drinkers are less likely to experience stomach irritation and heartburn after a cup of Healthwise coffee.

Aside from the aforementioned, the Technoroasting process also boosts nutrients and preserves the natural taste of the beans. Because of the technoroasting process, the vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants are preserved and sealed in each bean. The intense heat in other bean roasting methods causes the vitamins and minerals to be lost.

As for the taste, some drinkers laud the mellow taste of Healtwise Low Acid Coffee. However, there were users who noted that the coffee lacked taste.

What we liked:

  • Uses the technoroasting process
  • Has a lower pH level than other coffee brands
  • Drinkers are less likely to experience stomach irritation and heartburn after drinking it
  • The vitamins and minerals are preserved

What we did not like:

  • Taste can be too mellow for some

Tieman's Fusion Coffee

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee is an ultra-smooth flavor and low acid coffee. In several tests conducted, the Tieman’s coffee tested with an average pH level range of 5.85. It is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from Central and South America. Aside from that, it is also mixed with Matcha Green Tea, Rooibos Red Tea and Goji Berry powder. Because of the added ingredients, Tieman’s Fusion Coffee has five (5) times more the antioxidants than regular coffee.

As for the taste, most drinkers noted that it tastes just like any regular coffee. However, there were those that found its aroma wanting. One drinker noted that he has difficulty with his gut and found that he had no problems drinking Tieman’s Fusion Coffee.

It is available in four variations namely Dark Roast Ground, Dark Roast Whole Bean, Decaf Semi Dark Roast and Medium Roast. It is sold as a single pack, six pack, and 30 pack.

What we like:

  • Ultra-smooth flavor, low acid
  • Has an average pH level range of 5.85
  • Contains Match Green Tea, Rooibos Red Tea and Goji Berry powder
  • Has five time more antioxidants than regular coffee
  • Easy on the stomach

What we did not like:

  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Aroma is wanting
  • Addition of different flavors may not appeal to some coffee drinkers

Euromild Low Acid Ground Coffee

Euromild Low Acid Ground Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans that undergo through a unique European coffee preparation process. Steam is utilized to remove the unwanted irritants, chemicals and acids from the beans. The result of this one-of-a-kind process is beans packed with flavor and nutrients. Euromild maintains that their ground coffee is safe for those individuals suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and interstitial cystitis (IC).

The taste is indeed very mild as it claims. It has a very smooth texture with no undesirable after taste. However, some drinkers found it too mild bordering bland.

What we like:

  • Made from 100% Arabica beans
  • Company developed its own coffee bean preparation process
  • Safe for individuals with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) an interstitial cystitis (IC)
  • Taste is very mild

What we did not like:

  • The packaging could have been executed better

Simpatico Low Acid Coffee

Simpatico Coffee was established in 2010 by Alexander Fink. All of the beans are sourced from the rural states of Southern Mexico. The beans were gathered from wild growing coffee bushes of the mountains of Mexico. Because of the high altitude, the beans have a very dense taste. Because the coffee bushes are wild, there is no longer a need for pesticides and fertilizers. They grow in their natural habitat. It is literally coffee grown by mother nature. After the beans are harvesting, they are brought to the coffee facility of the company located in Holland, Michigan.

Simpatico makes use of low emissions Revelation Roaster. This roaster is known for its efficiency. It is also to be noted that Simpatico roasts its beans in small batches as a means of quality control.

Drinkers noted its great taste. Despite being low-acid, it still retained the full-bodied taste that regular coffee has.

The company sells various roasts such as Medium roast, Black and Tan roast, Dark roast, Way Darker (espresso) roast, Oaxacan Gold specialty roast, Mexican Amber Dark roast and Absolute Darkness roast.

What we liked:

  • 100% Arabica
  • The coffee bushes are grown in the wild hence pesticide and fertilizer free
  • Uses low emissions Revelation Roaster for roasting the beans
  • Roasting is done in small batches to ensure freshness
  • Great taste

What we did not like:

  • It could be packed more nicely

Out of the eight (8) low acid coffee brands listed above, Java Planet Organic Coffee ranked highest of them all. The beans are sourced from Colombia and prepared in Tampa, Florida. The coffee is smooth and full-flavored sans the burnt and bitter taste. Despite being a low acid coffee, the taste was still there. The price is also very competitive. We also have to mention the very attractive packaging. It is rain forest alliance, bird friendly, single origin coffee available in medium roast, medium dark roast and dark roast. Another notable feature is that the date of roasting is indicated on the label. This ensures the freshness of the beans.

Cafe Don Pablo photo by: | CC BY-SA

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